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Ramy Mossad - Finance Manager - at Drymix
“We consider Trimar Forwarding to be almost our partners. They handle all our work from import to export. Their troubleshooting and response to problems is really fast and we can rely on them."

Alaa Omar - Specialized Shipping Consultant - at MAC Carpet
“We work with Trimar Forwarding because they provide very good rates and they provide premium door to door services."

Ali Ibrahim - Supply Chain Specialist - at CSI
“Quality of work & the response is good. People are well mannered. Rates are good although we don't mind them to be lower :).”

Mahmoud M. El Rashoody - Commercial Affaires Head - at MISR EDFU
"We intend to thank Trimar team for their unprecedented cooperation during the process of exporting “A VERY LARGE GENERATOR 8 MEGAWATT” to Spain for many days - not just during working days, but also during their holidays too -the team faced many difficulties in this process and they were able to solve it so cleverly demonstrating their expertise."

Mostafa Magdy- Logistic Coordinator- at ISKRAEMECO, Energy Measurement & Management El Sewedy Electric Holding
"We would like to thank everyone in Trimar forwarding team especially during the past period and we know that it was so hard due to the trucker’s sit-in & bad weather and we appreciate your exceptional performance for providing everything on time regarding this Period. Thank you Heroes :)"

Eng. Ahmed Ismail - Egypt Plant Manager. GSE Lining Technology
“The service is excellent and because of that we have continued working with TRIMAR Forwarding. Among the many good qualities and services; we feel that we receive very positive and proactive attention as a customer, and the on-site representative is a very creative service that facilitates our operations, in addition to the fact that on time speed in response to our inquiries is very satisfactory."

Eng. Khaled Shawky- Reliance Egypt.
“ We are very happy with high level of service we receive. And the best thing is that we find fast response level to problems and very impressive problem solving ability.”

In 2003   
  • Trimar Forwarding was established in March 2003.
  • First shipment was executed on May 31st, 2003 – 1 X 40’ RE.
In 2004
  • Turnover doubled.
  • Volume increased by 250%.
  • Received a franchising opportunity by a British based global company. 
In 2005
  • Trimar forwarding received the first acquisition offer.
  • Trimar forwarding developed the first internal manual comprising of 18 pages.
In 2006
  • Trimar Forwarding opened the first branch in Port Said.
  • In the same year the first global contract was signed and executed.
In 2007
  • Trimar Forwarding created, managed and operated the first export consolidation Centre in Egypt specializing in TEXTILE which was based in Port Said port.
In 2008
  • Trimar Forwarding opened the second branch in Damietta.
  • First global agency agreement was signed with a company headquartered in Vienna, Amsterdam with branches in more than 100 countries world-wide.
  • Trimar Forwarding received second acquisition offer.
In 2009
  • Internal manual was developed and modified into 350 pages.
  • Company paid in capital increased by 2500% of original start-up capital.
In 2010
  • Opened the third branch in 10th of Ramadan.
  • Trimar Forwarding signed second partially exclusive agency agreement with a global company based in Germany with more than 160 offices and affiliates worldwide.
  • New corporate identity created with new logo.


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